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We are here to unite Nak Muay and Muay Thai fans from all over the world to help build the popularity for the beautiful sport which we all know and love, Muay Thai.

A "Nak Muay" is a practitioner of Muay Thai, but what does it really mean to be Nak Muay? It does not necessarily mean that one must train to fight another boxer, life itself can sometimes throw the most unexpected punches.


Through the philosophy of training Muay Thai one can learn to deal with adversities inside and outside of the ring. Consistently training both mental and physical aspects of oneself through Muay Thai is our definition of a Nak Muay.


Some of the qualities of a Nak Muay are:
Empathy, Perseverance, Respect, Self-control, Belief and Not Being Afraid to exit the comfort zone.

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