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Up Your Fitness Game And Lose The Slump With Muay Thai

Up Your Fitness Game And Lose The Slump With Muay Thai

Consistency is one of the biggest problems with exercises like cardio and weight training. This more than often leads to people giving it up. But without consistency the results cannot be achieved. On top of that, the results do not appear overnight, so we are talking months of consistent training before you notice major changes. If you would see otherwise in real life, one has to be consistent towards achieving a goal if they want to get it. And you can only be consistent when you are disciplined enough to do so. So, Muay Thai training is a fun filled class which can keep your fitness in check and teach you other skills alongside. Don’t have Muay Thai gear then get it by following the link.




It will strengthen the core

In Muay Thai you have to move the hips to strike. This is the best approach and technique to throw an effective strike, either it is a punch, kick, knee or elbow. Because Muay Thai involves all these strikes, you would be using your core and hip muscles to bring in the power. The hand and elbow techniques will work on the chest, back, shoulder, arm, and abdomen muscles. 

Similarly, attack and defense with legs and feet work on the core, leg and glute muscles. The intensity of training is enough to get you in shape within a month. Of course, how fast you can tone the body depends on your current fitness level and diet.

You’ll love it

Once you have experienced martial arts nothing will feel quite like the fun, learning, and fitness you experience here. Muay Thai is a complete fitness class designed to focus and work on a complete body workout. This fun and learning thing makes the fitness journey easy. Icing on the cake is that you get to learn a lot more skills like self-defense and values like discipline and respect. 

This will keep you engaged and looking forward to the classes. Once you get the hang of it you won't be willing to move back to doing regular and boring exercises. With more practice and sparring your body and brain will get connected. Then you will be able to evade, block, and respond to the attacks of your opponent. Counter their techniques and moves. You will be doing all of this very fast. 

Thus, it has to be precise in order to affect the opponent and not to hurt yourself in the process. Of course, you would have to practice the techniques so many times and perfect them even more with sparring. Get your rash guards on and keep on going to make yourself better. You can get Muay Thai rash guards for kids and adults here. 


It is more than just a cardio

The fast-paced Muay Thai training will make the body sweat and get the heart beat pumping. Think of training to strike hard with all you have even if you are tired. Training to defend yourself and block your opponent’s lightning strikes. Then sparring with partners and experience it in a real situation. Using your hands, elbows, knees, and feet to attack and defend will give you more than just a workout. If sweat makes you feel like you had a good workout, then get ready to have the best workout you ever had. 


Fun way to keep yourself fit

This is the perfect solution for those who find it hard to follow one fitness routine and plan for long enough. One of the first things that you will learn is not to make weight loss an obsession. Then you will learn to appreciate the hard work you are doing. And then your real training will begin. 

It will be focused on martial arts and making yourself better as a martial artist rather than being focused on weight loss. The training is intense enough that you will lose a lot of weight in a month. A one-hour Muay Thai class can burn up to 1000 calories, which is one of the fastest ways to lose fat.

So, even if you are joining it for fitness and weight loss, don't just focus on that. Instead, embrace this art of eight limbs and train well and you will be losing enough weight. But this does not mean you should forget about weight loss. Of course, you would have to follow a plan and diet. Even after you have achieved your desired goal you will be having so much fun learning new things and having so many friends that you will not want to give it up. And this is the beauty of it. 


It makes your body strong and the mind stronger

The body is just a tool that the mind controls. In Muay Thai you will learn how to control your body and act wisely. For instance, we have a habit of closing our eyes or raising the arms to protect our face when something speeds towards us. But instead of doing that if you were to block or evade that thing you can protect yourself better. 

That will be possible when you keep the eyes open, anticipate its course of action, and react to it. Mental strength is important to keep at your best at all times, either you are tired or there is a lot of pressure. 

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