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Muay Thai & Covid-19

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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
African proverb

We are living in a crisis. To flatten the curve associated with the recent covid-19 pandemic, we are barring ourselves from many of our regular establishments that have become second homes for us. One of those places being the gym.

Initially, it feels nice to take a break from it all. We will allow ourselves to rest and recover, and study various fight techniques. But eventually restlessness will set in, and as any athlete does, we train.

That drive is what defines us as leaders.

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”
- Bruce Lee

Digital Tools

Many coaches are using digital tools, such as IGTV and Zoom, to engage and motivate their students. If your gym isn’t currently running any digital sessions, a simple Google search of “muay thai training quarantine” brings up 427,000 hits. There’s something in there for each of us!

But yet, even after breaking a sweat, you will notice something surprisingly different.

The Team

When we train alone, we lose a key component as to why we turn to gyms. We lose the opportunity to train with our teammates, Krus, and coaches, pushing us beyond our known limits.

We also don’t have the chance to interact and build a larger Muay Thai community. This includes helping new students fall in love with our beloved sport anew. By being a mentor and aide to those newer than us, we solidify our learnings further and usher in the next wave of practitioners.

"The unbreakable warrior spirit: to conquer adversity and rise above it even stronger than before. IT IS that anti-fragile part of us.”
- Lawrence Kenshin, Why You Are a Warrior

It is in these times that we see the blessing behind the coronavirus quarantine - we learn to truly appreciate how important our teams are.

Right now it looks like we will be holding out for another couple of weeks, or maybe months. When we finally push through this quarantine and enter the gym for the first time, let's give everyone the deepest wai we’ve ever given and prepare to harden our shins like never before.

Similar to when we throw our attacks, it’s the follow through that matters the most. Khop khun khap!

About the writer:


Jonathan Chan-Choong (JCC) is a Toronto-born, BC-based copywriter, poet, and content creator with 8+ years as a Nak Muay. A penchant for lifestyle and editorial content, JCC writes to invite his readers to take a glimpse at the world all around us, if nothing else.

Learn more at jayseesee.com and follow his Instagram @jayseesee.

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