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Kru Ram

The first thing that all boxers will perform before a match is the “Wai Kru”. The purpose of this dance is to show the boxers regard and gratitude for their parents and the masters who have taught them.

Each component of “Wai Kru Ram Muay” has profound significance:
Wai - traditional Thai greeting with the palms together as a sign of respect
Kru - teacher 
Ram - to dance
Muay - to box

The full term can therefore be translated as "War-Dance Saluting Teacher" 


The dance serves as a way to observe the adversary’s tactic, warm up the boxers, and relax the body and mind for the match. The “Wai Kru” is also a way to ward off any bad spirits from entering the ring.

Traditionally, every gym in Thailand has their signature “Wai Kru”


Additionally, the boxers wear two items which are passed down from master to boxer for good luck and protection.

Pra Jiad” and “Mong Khon”;
a pair of armbands and a head piece.